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The Top 10 Items That Get Damaged on Moving Day

moving day

Are you preparing for a move? Before you get started, you are going to want to know how to protect your things. Some items are more vulnerable to damage than others during a move. As you prepare for the process ahead, take extra precautions to protect these ten items.

  1. Furniture
    Furniture is large, bulky, and heavy. All three of these put it at high risk for damage during a move. In addition, furniture often needs to be maneuvered through spaces that are a bit too tight, leaving it vulnerable to being dinged or scratched.
  1. Artwork
    Artwork, especially art that is glass or is housed in glass, is often damaged because there is insufficient padding between the art and the moving box. Also, art can be damaged when heavy items are placed on top of boxes containing the art. To prevent this damage, consider placing glass framed art in a picture box that is stuffed with crumpled paper or bubble wrap.
  2. Lamp Shades
    If you have lamps with shades, the awkward shape, and flimsy materials make them vulnerable to damage. To protect them, cover them carefully in bubble wrap, then fill the interior cavity with packing paper, so they do not collapse on themselves. Stuff the box with paper so that the lampshades don't shift around inside.
  3. Refrigerators and Freezers
    It's easy to damage the piping on the back of a fridge or freezer, and often the large size and bulk of these items make them difficult to maneuver. If you must move a fridge, make sure you never lay it down, as this can cause the freezer to not work properly.
  4. Plants
    If you plan to move your plants, be aware that they are easily damaged. To make them easier to move, stop watering them a few days before you move. If you place them in boxes, give them holes to breathe through. Protect loose branches from breakage during the move.
  5. Electronics
    All it takes is one jostle of the moving truck to shatter your computer or TV screen. These costly items are easy to break. One way to prevent this is to keep the boxes your electronics come in and use those to transport them with all of the original cushioning packing materials.
  6. Your New House
    The last thing you want to do is damage your new house as you move in, but this is more common than you might think. Jamming a couch through a door frame or ramming a table into a wall can cause unsightly and costly property damage. Be careful to avoid these problems.
  7. Glassware
    Your glassware and china are fragile. Make sure it is properly cushioned. Also, mark the boxes these items are in as "fragile" so your moving help won't stack heavy things on top. Never pack books and glassware in the same box.
  8. Washer and Dryer
    Your washer and dryer are vulnerable to damage, particularly if you have one of the newer models. If they are damaged, you could end up with a mess the first time you run a load. To prevent this, use a shipping kit from the manufacturer before you move.
  9. Your Back
    Back injuries are common during a move because homeowners have no choice but to lift items, even if their muscles are sore. Practice proper lifting techniques, and hire help if you need it.

Remember, when you move, things are going to get broken. Do your best to pack carefully, and pay close attention to these ten items, and you can minimize the damage.